Sea glass and whales

We have had constant rain for what a week now? But today the sun was shining and even though I spent the morning at the doctors and I feel the sickest I've felt for a very long time,
 (yes I'm having a little pity party)  I couldn't wait to get to the beach.
With the sun on my back and my feet in the water I spent hours lost in my little world and found some of the most beautiful pieces of sea glass that I've found in a long time.

My favourite sea glass spot 
  I was here for ages.

 This is when I got there at low tide

 Same spot as I was leaving

Looking for glass as the tide rises is great as the waves keep on washing sand away
revealing more glass. 
I stand on the side and swoop down on anything that sparkles!

self portrait 


I did find some amazing pieces of glass including a huge bright blue, I'll put up photos of them soon.
 I was leaving and looked up at the horizon thinking what a magical day it was...just in time to see plumes of water shoot up into the air,Whales! three of them!!
 I ran to the cliffs, tracking them as I hurried, and saw two rise from the water plus a few classic tail splashes although by the time I got up there they were almost around the point, too far away to be exciting.

  But within minutes another whale came, this time close enough to video I actually filmed it but cant figure out how to post a video, if I can I'll do it later. You'll just have to trust me when I say I live in a pretty amazing place:)

I'm painting too!!


  1. WOW! Having the chance to see the whales is magical indeed. Its not everyday that it happens. You are so lucky! Good luck with your paiting. I know they are really pretty. Thanks!



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