Sea Glass


Sea glass comes from glass objects that have somehow found their way into the ocean, here they are tossed and tumbled amongst the water and sand for years, sometimes decades. The objects are smashed into pieces and then caressed until the surface is worn into a beautiful soft patina, smooth to touch and with an almost organic feel. 
I find these pieces washed up onto the beach like little jewels, just waiting for me to collect. It can take me weeks sometimes months to find enough beautiful pieces to make a lamp, and finding jewellery quality sea glass is  not common.
For every one hundred pieces I find, maybe one or two will end up been a piece of jewellery. They are priced in accordance of how rare the colour is, and how perfect the shape and patina. 

Sea Glass Sculpture
This gorgeous sculpture could be lit up with candles for an amazing effect.

Beautiful sea glass touch lamp

Another sale piece.This amber candle jar/vase
 just glows (email me for a price)

Sea glass ambiance lamp
"What was that!"
 This lamp has many unusual pieces, bottle bottoms and the rim of the neck. One piece with a perfect letter R on it, all the pieces are smooth and interesting, it will definitely add interest to any room as you try and figure out it's history.

Sun Catchers
I really enjoy making these sun catchers using local driftwood, sea glass and my dads old fishing gear. They sell as fast as I can make them, but I'm always busy making more.

Candle Ambiance Jar
My most recent piece is also one of my favourite, I have named this piece

  It is stunning in the dark lit up with a candle

Even without a candle it seems to glow
I had to make this little candle jar with a chain so it can be lowered into the lamp, I decorated it with a piece of aqua sea glass, vintage chandelier crystal and a little shell I call a mermaid coin....

A close up of the sea glass over lapping each other....

 I'm keeping this one!!
Sea Glass Tiffany Lamp. This is another of my favourite pieces, above lit up and below during the day.
This shade is made of some of the most beautiful pieces of sea glass I have found.

This picture shows the quirky edges in detail


I have a quite few pieces of jewellery in the gallery that I haven't photographed, I will try and get some more photos. The really beautiful pieces sell quickly and are hard to part with. 

Two little lamps on my work bench
both sold

Tiffany Style candle holder sold 

I have sold many pieces of art made with sea glass and as no two pieces of sea glass are ever the same once something is sold I can not replicate the pieces. I can and do make similar things, as in the same shape and colour, but find that I usually only make similar things two or three times, then I am ready to move on to new designs.

Here are a few of my sea glass lamps that have been sold.




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