The super moon and the sea snake

Last night there was a 'super moon' I read about it a few months ago and had being talking about it for weeks, everyone around me knew how excited I was to see it. Well if you were anywhere near Sydney  last night you'll know I never stood a chance, the night ended as the day began, pouring rain with thick  cloud cover.

Still the company I keep ensured I had an awesome night and I spent today gallivanting around Voodoo collecting sea glass while I sung songs about the moon and tides.

I spent the day singing this...

......and this


 Lucky for me with the super moon came very cool super tides
So I braved the stormy day and timed my trip to arrive at a dead low tide which revealed some gorgeous sea glass and yes I'm smiling as I type.
The rain was pelting down and even in my wet weather gear I got absolutely soaking wet,
there is something primal, maybe childish? about beach combing during a a storm
 I love it

Walking along I saw what I thought was a rubber snake
 until it moved 
  It was so beautiful and so far from the water
so i scooped it up in a palm branch and put it in a pond

Note to self.....
 a sea snakes which seems sickly and slow on the sand, might become fast, and well...
 very fast, once it gets in its element
 so be ready to run!

fun in the rain

Wierd things you see when you stick your head under a rock ledge


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