Coco pops at midnight

The last few weeks have been exhausting, so much is happening in my life. I know I need to cull my activities so what do I do? I add things, as well as revisit a few that I haven’t made time for lately.

I pulled out an old painting I thought I'd finished last year,
 but it just never worked for me so it had been hiding in some dark studio corner, it spent a few days on my easel, now I love it! 

A bluebottle tide

....a peek at my studio, its a wonderful creative mess,
  coco pops with no milk are a crunchy treat at midnight:)

I've started sea glass hunting again
 I have to say playing Russian roulette with the waves is something I've missed!

So pretty and worth the wet sandshoes

Taking photos of rubbish while I walk just for fun, not fitness
 is something I hadn't done in a while

I went to see 'vivid', my head space is a galaxy away from my world one year ago when I wandered 'vivid' in a daze. It never ceases to amaze me how much I have grown as a person in twelve months.
 Last year I was lost,
 this year I feel I've found so much.

I can't believe I forgot my camera, these are taken with my phone.
One day I'll get a really good camera.

The MCA building
 loved the music that went with the lights here

A lost coat hung on the foreshore fence added colour to my photos
my second favourite photo of the night

my favourite building

This is my favourite photo of the night

I've joined two meet up groups one for writers which I went to today and it’s the exact kick in the backside I need to finish my book, yes people it is well on its way and I aim to have it finished by the end of the year.

The second group is called films for change, I'm going to see a film titled ‘I am’ it looks thought provoking, because my mind need to be provoked… not!

One of the best things I've started doing these last few weeks is
 … sleeping in!


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