Work in progress... both a painting and life in general :)

WIP new tree painting

I'm at that stage where I'll just keep on going until it’s finished, it’s not very big 16x20” wish I had started on a bigger canvas next tree will big HUGE !

So the tree is growing on the canvas and life has most certainly changed for the better outside my studio, yet at this moment, I feel melancholy. Its cold, I slept in so haven’t gone walking yet perhaps that’s why I'm feeling a strange combination of both pensive and deliberate, honestly I'm thinking way too much lately and today my thoughts aren't quite as sparkly and vibrant as they were say… midweek.

 This time last week my mood was so different, I like that life has it's ups and downs, I don't even mind that they can happen in a week but I don't like... I'm not even sure what it is I'm not liking, let's just ignore me while I figure out what it is I'm trying to say :)

I need to walk, clear my head. 
I think it'll be a good day to finish this tree, my jumbled thoughts should add a lot of atmosphere!


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