This painting needs a working title...Kisses

Progress is slow...
 but it's there.

Kisses, little beams of light are kissing through the leaves and my life outside of the studio has been kissed with moments of incredibly bright lately,
 so seems like a good studio title ;-)

Detail of brush work

The last year or so I've been taking photos of rubbish,
actually I have so many I might start a new page entitled 'rubbish' (there are few painting I could put there as well).
I find the play of light and stark contrast from the surrounding beauty makes it an interesting subject. 
Actually I'm attracted to the way the rubbish seems to have an affinity with the road and other harsh, man imposed scatterings. 
 I'm also truly amazed at the mindset of people who come here and leave this filth behind.
 I have some pretty disgusting photos!

Click to enlarge and look at the the plastic bag, how many colours you would need to paint this white! 

 Hey I found a skull rock

....once again the edge of the world
 at the end of my walk.


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