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Not sure it's worth putting up new photos but hey it takes two seconds so why not.
I have added a lot of colour which I find hard to show in a photo.
Just one week to finish this, so time to get serious.

Close shots trying to show colour

 I can't help myself I have to share my walking photos, look at this!
 Is it any wonder I can't wait to walk each day
(click to enlarge)

Looks like a painting 
I can almost see the brush strokes

This is the crazy Cocky (on the rail) who hangs out along the cliffs edge. He is there maybe three out of five days he meanders back and forth hunched over screaming down at the ocean. 
Now and then he'll turn to give me a filthy look all the while bobbing his head up and down, absolutely crazy bird
 ... I love it!


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