Koi Painting

The Words

"Japanese legend has it that every year thousands of koi make a perilous and difficult journey up the Rainbow River. It is said that if a koi succeeds in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate it will be transformed into a dragon. Based on this legend koi are associated with perseverance in adversity, strength of purpose, courage and the ability to attain high goals."

I love koi and I love this legend, it inspired my latest painting. You have all heard the saying " Just go with the flow" well my response to that is "only dead fish go with the flow!"

Oil on paper

I'm hoping that people will read the legend, look at all the fish fighting the current and think about their own lives. Realise that taking the easy route isn't always the best thing to do, if you just push yourself that little bit extra what might you achieve!


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