Portrait swap

 I decided to participate in an online art 'portrait swap'.

This involves a group of artist who get partnered up and send each other a photo. We then paint the others portrait and mail the finished painting to each other.

My delightful partner is the very cheeky Graham from Perth, who decided he would like to be a tree!

I've almost finished and the response from clients walking through my studio has been a huge surprise. Often they will pass by a painting I'm working on with no comment, but all the ladies love Graham.

"Oh Deborah his eyes, he looks so kind and wise"
"Wow Deb, that's amazing he just looks like he is growing out of the tree!"
" He has a lovely face"........ etc etc.

I thought  that people would think it a silly idea to have a man growing in a tree, but everyone who has seen it has liked it. Everyone has decided that Graham is a lovely man, a man with great spirit and a kind soul.

This painting has become known in my house as "The Graham Tree" but I'm not sure if that will be the final title.


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