Edeavour the beginning of a journey

I imagine it's early in the evening and  the ship is slowly slicing through clam waters, maybe they are up river from Broken Bay and looking for a safe anchorage ? I like to think of the ship like this.... safe. My husband Ross who is currently captain of Endeavour would rather she be shown charging down a wave with her sails full of wind!! maybe later.
This painting is inspired by the same photo as my first Endeavour painting, but it is much larger and more detailed.

'Looking For Safe Anchorage"
Oil Painting 24X36"

I have learned so much whilst doing this painting, I looked at lots of photos and asked Ross many questions about the sails and rigging. I never really took note of the sails huge variation of colour, they can be all shades from dark grey to blinding white, apparently this is because the longer they are at sea the more sun bleached they become.  
So it would seem appropriate in my first paintings of Endeavour that I paint her with her sails dark, obviously at the beginning of her journey.... as am I. 


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